Vis a Vis: A Jack Avis Book

By Jack Avis and John Derris


Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt

155 pages

Hardbound with Dust Jacket • 8.5"x11" • 1998

With hundreds of tricks published in magazines over the past forty years, Jack Avis is one of the most prolific creators of modern close-up magic. Jack's classical, thoughtful magic with cards, coins, mentalism, ring & rope, and assorted objects will impress you with its simplicity and elegance. Effects include Christmas Coin Vanish, Movie Coin Vanish, Salute to Ramsay, Alaskan Poker, Autodeck, Mystery of Dr. Elliott's Legacy, Variations on Scarne Run Up Systems, Nu Way Shell Game, Pinochle Caper, Hofzinser Ace Trick, Siva Ace Cutting, Houdini Ring, Escape from Ellis Island, Cuball, Loops Entwined, Magical Sucuba, Poker Chip Chicanery, Spirit Detection, Spooky, Rara Avis Card Stab, Hole in the Table and many more.