Written and Illustrated by Richard Kaufman

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280 pages

Hardbound with Dust Jacket  • 8.5"x11" 

The classic big book on coin magic which picks up where Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic left off. Amazing coin tricks from David Roth, Geoff Latta, Sol Stone, Slydini, Ed Marlo, and many more. Almost 300 pages of miracles, almost 1,000 illustrations. Hardcover, acid free paper, dustjacket.

Flip through CoinMagic and you’ll see pictures—over 1000 illustrations that move, that teach you sleight of hand with coins through a visual process unequaled in the literature of magic. New sleights, new plots, and new ways of thinking so clearly explained you can practically see them being performed for you.

The David Roth Section: Over 30 items and almost 300 illustrations, with never before published material from the greatest coin worker of our time, including two versions of the world famous “Portable Hole” with the complete patter, astounding new wizardry with Edge Grip, and two versions of “Wild Coin.”

Spellbound: A choice selection of the most magical moves for making coins change from copper to silver and back again.

The Sol Stone Section: Complex close-up back clipping techniques which produce some of the cleanest miracles imaginable, and the ultimate handling of the classic effect where a silver dollar is torn into halves, then into four quarters—completely done in the hands while standing.

The Geoff Latta Section: The first group of material from a major new talent that displays incredible applications of shells and copper/silver coins to produce illusions not possible without them.

Edward Marlo on “The Sympathetic Coins”: Five different coin assemblies, all new versions of Yank Hoe’s classic routine, some with radically different approaches.

Slydini—Three New Sleights: Never before published utility sleights by the master coin worker which will quickly replace existing techniques, including the long-awaited explanation of Automatic Sleeving.

Even More effects and routines from: Dai Vernon, Derek Dingle, John Cornelius, Ken Krenzel, Herb Zarrow, and Tom Gagnon