Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy

By Richard Kaufman


Written by Richard Kaufman

Photographs by Julie Eng

582 pages • Oversized 8.5"x11" Hardcover • Acid Free Matte Enamel paper, Sewn Binding to Lay Flat  •  1,400 photographs • 2020

The enormous Larry Jennings book you've been waiting for.

The Royal Road to Card Magic, Jennings style. 

Over 120 Tricks / Over 120 Sleights and Techniques. A huge book for both the beginner and expert. An enormous resource detailing the proper way to do card magic. Includes hundreds of sleights, tips, effects, and routines. There are no difficult sleights required. None of the tricks use a Pass, Palm, Cull, or Half Pass.

How does Larry Jennings take it easy?

By choosing to create his own version of the classic book, Royal Road to Card Magic. He avoids difficult sleights like Passes, Palms, Culls, Half Passes, Top Changes, and so on. Instead, he finesses standard sleights to make them work better and more deceptively.

He creates new sleights and techniques such as better methods of holding a breaks, new ways of doing Double Lifts, Double Undercuts, False Counts, False Cuts, False Shuffling, and much more.

Then he takes all of these refined techniques and sleights and applies them to over 120 tricks, many of which you will be able to do with only a moderate amount of practice. And if you don’t like to practice, there’s even a chapter on tricks with no sleights, many of which could make your reputation.

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