Card Craft

By J.K. Hartman



Written by J.K. Hartman

Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt


Over 200 Routines • Almost 700 Pages

Hardbound • 1,500 Illustrations

John Bannon: “A marvelous work that has inspired many, many card magicians. It certainly inspired me! Without this book, your card magic education is seriously incomplete.   A must-have!”

Harry Lorayne: “Simply excellent!”

A Required Addition For Every Magic Library
The BIGGEST Book On Card Magic Ever Written
The MOST Illustrations Ever In A Card Magic Book

Over five years in the making, this 670-page oversize hardcover contains over 200 dazzling routines by the master of card trickery, J.K. Hartman. These miracles, none of which require difficult sleight of hand, are clearly taught with over 1,500 illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.