Mastering the Art of Magic

By Eugene Burger



By Eugene Burger

Illustrated by Earle Oakes

228 pages • Hardbound with Dust Jacket • 8.5"x11"

The seven small booklets written by Eugene Burger and published in the early 1980s—Secrets and Mysteries, Audience Involvement, Secrets of Restaurant Magic, Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries, Intimate Power, The Craft of Magic and Rediscoveries—have been out of print for years. They are now available in a 228-page hardcover book, with almost 200 illustrations by Earle Oakes. These hard to find booklets have been collected in a completely re-typeset format with new essays by Eugene commenting on his past writings, his current thoughts on his tricks and routines, as well as updated tricks. Many feel these are the best books Eugene Burger ever wrote.

Eugene Burger's Mastering the Art of Magic Book is an oversized hardcover with dust jacket, printed on quality acid-free paper and contains oodles of great tricks (enough for your entire repertoire) as well as thought-provoking and educational essays by the late Eugene Burger, widely recognized as one of the greatest thinkers and teachers of magic in our lifetime.