Williamson's Wonders

By Richard Kaufman


Written and Illustrated by Richard Kaufman

Price: $60


100 pages

Hardbound with Dust Jacket  • 8.5"x11" 

David Williamson’s Wonders are many, and he has honed them to perfection through decades of professional work. His praises have been sung for many years by those in the know, and everyone is talking about his wonderful magic.

This book, produced by magic’s most acclaimed author and illustrator, Richard Kaufman, will teach you the true secrets of how to perform each and every one of David Williamson’s pet routines. Not only are all the details of the handling taught in the step-by-step manner for which the author is well known, but the patter and psychology behind them are dealt with at length.

These are practical routines, designed to be done under any circumstances. Whether working at tables, strolling, standup, or even platform, Williamson’s Wonders is a book to delight both the professional and hobbyist. Among the 23 superb routines explained are nine unique coin routines, each one demonstrating Williamson’s ingenuity in a different way. There are also three routines utilizing both coins and cards, including his “Floating Assembly” with which he shocked some of the experts at The Magic Castle.

Eight fabulous card routines follow, ranging from the simple to the difficult, each creating a huge reaction when performed by Williamson in his shows. Finally there is his award-winning Cup and Ball routine, a masterpiece and perfect for someone looking to do this classic a little differently.

Performing the miracles in Williamson’s Wonders will literally make you a better magician—and isn’t that what it’s all about?