Totally Out of Control Supreme MME Edition

By Chris Kenner


by Chris Kenner


40 Routines • 272 Pages of Madness, Mayhem, and Great Magic •  Over 500 illustrations • Hardbound with Dust Jacket • 8.5"x11" 

Michael Weber: “I am a confessed Kenner fan … he takes a humorous and stylistic approach to his presentations, he strives for simplicity of method and clarity of effect, yet he is willing to do anything to increase magical impact.”

David Copperfield: “I have learned to appreciate Chris’s two greatest qualities: a creative and pragmatic magical mind. He can take an idea and come up with its most magical application.”

Not only is the entire original book Totally Out of Control reprinted for your delight, but the entire four-episode run of Magic Man Examiner (which is more scarce than your grandmother’s old toenails) is included—adding another 80 stunning, amazing, mind-blowing pages to what is already a colossus of a book. Coin tricks, Card Tricks, Rope Tricks, and More Tricks. Lots More Tricks.